Stay Sexy Post Cosmetic Makeover Package

 Are you curious about a new journey but also not sure what to do after surgery?


The decision whether to get cosmetic surgery will be one of the most important decisions in your lifetime.

We at The Snatched LifeStyle are no strangers to this journey ourselves and that is why we strive to give you all the information you need for making that most important decision.

We hope to make your decision a bit easier while helping you stay on track after your cosmetic surgery process.

You want to look better, get healthier, feel happier. But are stuck in one place. But not anymore. Now there is a place you can go to get started on your own road to success, The Snatched LifeStyle.

Taking care of your body after cosmetic surgery is important.

After a cosmetic surgery, you should take extra good care of your body.

The Snatched LifeStyle is global online platform for after-surgery recovery information. With everything you need to recover at home, The Snatched LifeStyle is the best way to get back to your best self after cosmetic surgery.

If you don’t know where to start! We are here to guide you.

The Snatched Lifestyle is here to support you every step of the way.

The Snatched LifeStyle is a global online platform to help women look and feel their best before, during, and after cosmetic surgery.

The Snatched Lifestyle is all about helping you look your best while making life easier.

We recommend you to buy our "Stay Sexy Post Cosmetic Makeover Package" after your surgery to make sure you are ready for the recovery.

Our Stay Sexy Post Cosmetic Makeover Package Includes :

  1. BELLY BUSTER! Carb Blocker
  2. Slay the SAVAGE
  3. Powernet Briggite Shapewear

1. BELLY BUSTER! Carb Blocker

BELLY BUSTER is a starch blocker that can help block the enzymes needed to digest and absorb carbs. This is a must have to maintain your, "CURVES".

Benefits of Belly Buster in the following areas:

  • Glucose support
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Management
  • Decreased Sugar Cravings
  • Much More!

2. Slay The Savage

Slay the SAVAGE is a powerful weight loss supplement.  Containing African Mango-a natural ingredient that raises Leptin levels, plays a role in glucose handling, helps speeds up the metabolism, and helps control appetite.



  • Weight Loss
  • Helps Control Appetite
  • Raises Leptin levels
  • Helps Boost metabolism

3. Powernet Briggite Shapewear

Wear this body shaper with that favorite sexy bra. It slims the body from bust to knees with increased abdominal compression that flatten the belly even more and enhances the buttock. Thin straps make it possible to wear with many styles that are in your closet. The front side closure makes for easy dressing and the flat seams make the shaper disappear under garments.

Please refer size chart before you buy.